Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

As you tackle Spring cleaning this year, try to take special notice of "his area" (you know, wallet, car keys, misc guy stuff) and respect his wishes. If he doesn't want it moved or touched, let it be. If he'd appreciate your womanly skills, take special care to incorporate his preferences and convenience rather than your taste in how it should look. Also, think of way you can help him keep it organized. One year I got my husband a handsome wooden holder with dividers to keep things organized. ( It's actually not utilized by him anymore, but has become a junk stash, thanks to me. It was a good idea, though. :) Small deeds speak love too, so don't overlook the details.

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Hosanna said...

Ooh, my husband is one of those guys who likes his "stuff" left be. So I leave his designated "stuff" areas alone.
And if I move other things that will effect him (ie: His meat grinder in the kitchen; his carving knives; his extra boots or coat, a tool kept in the house, ammo, etc.) I make sure I tell him and show him exactly where it was moved, and make sure it's new spot has his approval; so he doesn't have to go hunting for his items when he wants them.